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Who Esther Is!

Esther of the Old Testament,
all women in her land.


For such A Time As This



Esther of the Old Testament, was a Godly humble woman who became a Queen,

 and was praised and chosen above all women in her land. However,

she chose to risk everything including her life, to defend her family and her people.

 As women, in our society, it isn't always easy to stand up for what is right.

 We look to Esther as an example of a strong,

 Godly woman who trusted her faith and followed her heart.

 Living as a Christian woman in today's world is a challenge.

 Everywhere we look our hearts and lives are confronted by the forces of Satan and evil.

 Esther has been formed to make a place where Christian women of all ages

 can find others who worship God, who trust in Jesus as their Savior,

 and who love to share their lives and defend our faith.

The Bible is our guidebook. We believe it is God's inspired message to mankind.

 Whatever happens in life, we can depend on the wisdom we find there.

 Although the women of Esther come from different church groups

, we agree together that no matter what denomination we come from,

 our trust in God will enable us to live in love and respect for each other.

We believe in God as the creator of everything.

We believe that Jesus, his only son, gave his life on the cross, and rose again.

 We believe that faith in him gives us forgiveness from sin, and the hope of eternal life.

We believe that the scripture is clear as to the role each gender plays in life.

 We believe that all are created equally both male and female.

 We do believe that God has poured His spirit out upon all flesh and does

 use women in Ministering to children and other women. 2 Timothy 2:12

 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man,

 but to be in silence. We believe He has promised that his Spirit will dwell in us,

will guide and comfort us as we follow Christ.

 We believe that Jesus is the only mediator in our behalf with the Father.

 Our mission is to provide a place filled with love and joy, fun and laughter,

 where we can safely enjoy friendships and minister to each other.

We deeply desire to help those who weep,

 to comfort those who mourn, to teach new believers and encourage

 each other as we live in this difficult and uneasy world.



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